Welcome to Self-Help-Blogs

Thank you for joining us. Self-Help-Blogs is your guide to the best personal development resources on the web.

What is “Personal Development?” We define personal development as any information or suggestions that make an individuals life more joyful and fulfilling. Personal development can be learning to be more motivated, finding one’s life purpose, transforming one’s relationship with Spirit, learning to live more simply, or discovering the skill of enjoying all of life, whatever it’s circumstances.

Our focus here is on content that is updated frequently and is available via email and an RSS feed. That basically means blogs and daily inspirational or motivational messages or quotes. We also include static reference-type websites when their content is exceptional.

The criteria for inclusion in Self-Help Blogs is…

1. I, Jonathan Lockwood Huie, find the content useful and inspiring. This is arbitrary, and my decision is final.

2. The blog or other resource primarily provides free information. There are usually ads, and the owners of the website likely have their own products to sell, but a new visitor is greeted mostly with a choice of valuable free content.

3. The blog doesn’t use pop-ups or pop-unders, play music automatically, or interfere with the visitor leaving the website.

There is no charge for inclusion in Self-Help Blogs. The sites listed are strongly encouraged to link back to Self-Help Blogs, but sufficiently worthy blogs are listed whether or not they link back.

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